Next HLPG Meeting is...

The next Hills Local Permaculture Group Gathering will be on Saturday 20th April 10am - 12pm at Christine's property in Morangup. Details below.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Gathering in Morangup

It was so lovely to meet so many new people at the March Hills Permies session. I hope you enjoyed learning about kombucha as much as we did! Thank you so much to Michelle Kwok for her generous sharing of wisdom, and for to everyone else who contributed. We'd love to hear how your experimenting with fermenting is going, and any ideas for future Permie meets!

This April the Hills Local Permaculture Group will be visiting Christine's plentiful, sustainably designed & ecologically aware paradise in Gidgegannup.
Christine has a wonderful orchard with about 30 fruit trees, some vegie beds, worm farms and chooks. It is fully fenced and netted and divided into 5 sections with gates positioned to allow the chooks access (or not) to different areas. Most of the orchard has been constructed with recycled materials (an added bonus). The rest of the block is bushland which is a haven for many of the native wildlife.

When: Saturday 20th April 10am - 12pm

Where: 76 Hill Place, Morangup. Look for the 'land for wildlife' sign on the gate and please drive slowly down the long driveway as there are roos, wallabies, emus etc who often pass this way (If you can't find it, please contact Christine on the following numbers: 9572 9777 or 0408 934 420 ) We will meet at the house first where there is plenty of parking space.

Bring: Please wear closed in shoes & a hat; secateurs if you would like cuttings from fig trees and pepinos; & morning tea to share.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Busy Year Ahead!

Welcome to another year of fun, Hills Permies!

There are some great activities planned this year, including seed and skill swaps, fermented drink making demonstrations, tours of wonderful local gardens and some busy-bees.

Our first meeting will be held at Cwm Goch on Saturday the 16th of March, 10am as usual. Michele Kwok will be our special guest and will be demonstrating how to make fermented drinks with Kombucha and water kefir. Fascinating stuff!

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gathering at Cwm Goch

What a perfect day for our gathering today! Thank you to everyone who came, wandered and took tangeloes!

We found our first goose egg of the season after you all left!

Friday, August 3, 2012

August Gathering in Sawyers Valley

Fancy another stickybeak session?

This month's gathering will be at our (Hywel and Nathalie's) property "Cwm Goch". Despite what Dario from Jetto's Patch might have led some of you to believe, the property is very much a work in progress but hopefully will be worthwhile to some of you. You must all come back again in 5 years time to see it again when the dream has flourished!
Things to see: a native garden (built to encourage native insectivorous birds), the beginnings of a future food forest with a variety of annual and perennial plants, many examples of 're-use and recycling,' chooks, geese and if you're lucky, we might even have the new pond finished - no promises though! 
An experimental swale has also recently been created in the hope of catching some of the run-off to a bottom paddock and beginning a nucleus for a second food forest in years to come.
Liz will email you all the address. This is a family-friendly venue, children very welcome, but no dogs please as we have animals on the property.

Look forward to seeing you all,

Nathalie, on behalf of the HLPG Convening Team.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Community Announcement - Save the Rail Forum

Save Rail Forum

The government has said that it will close the Tier 3 Rail Lines - those small Wheatbelt railways that handle the grain harvest.   
The direct impact of the closure on metro communities will be the increase in the number of trucks using the highways.  The increase in: danger on the Wheatbelt roads, pollution, cost and inconvenience as well  as the future economic and social consequences of closing railway lines must be considered.   

 Mundaring Ratepayer groups  have booked
The Hub in Craig St Mundaring for 7pm on Tuesday June 26th    
Jane Fuchsbichler from the Wheatbelt Railway Retention Alliance will give a presentation. Ken Travers, Shadow Minister for Transport, Frank Alban local MLA and Jim Thom from the Hills Sustainability Group have also been invited to speak. Alison Xamon or another member of The Greens will also be there.  A Panel will give everyone a chance to ask questions,  have a say and come up with some actions we may take.
We believe that there is a real opportunity to change this policy, but only if city people are prepared to be involved.
 .Contact Gwyn   9572 1447 or Val    0423 237 473 or .

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our next gathering.....

This month's HLPG gathering will be an informal one which will allow people to choose their level of involvement. Primarily, it will be very social - a chance to get together and debrief after our visit to the Franzinelli's ( I know a few people took away some ideas to implement into their own space - we've love to hear about them!), and to share and swap seeds and cuttings.
In addition however, if you have some energy and goodwill to spare, we'd like to do a micro busybee at the venue. This is something we'd like to do every so often to help people within our group who might need some inspiration, motivation etc. So if you have  a project that feels a bit beyond you, let us know! We'd also like to hear from people who would be happy for us to have a sticky beak at their gardens and share their ideas and experience.

To this end, this months' gathering will be at the home of one of our very own members, Kristy-Lee.

Like many of us, Kristy-Lee has been wanting to put some plans into action for a while, but has felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. Her property, while absolutely beautiful, has its fair share of challenges not least of which is a steep incline and many, many rocks. To help her in her endeavour we thought the gathering might be an opportunity to make use of many hands and complete a few simple tasks to get her started on a small kitchen garden. This would involve moving a bit of mulch, carting a few rocks and perhaps building a small stone wall. Nothing onerous but it just needs a few helping hands.

If you feel inclined to help, we'd appreciate the loan of some buckets (to cart the mulch - as you can't get a wheelbarrow up the hill) and some cardboard to lay on the ground.

Elizabeth will be emailing those of you on the mailing list to give you the address. If you aren't on the list and would like to come please email Nathalie at

Don't forget a plate to share if you can, and any seeds/seedlings you'd like to give or swap.

Looking forward to catching up with you all.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Visit to Jetto's Patch

Today the HLPG headed down the hill to Jetto's Patch for a morning of information and inspiration.
It was lovely to see many of us madly taking notes as Dario and Michele led us around their magnificent urban food forest. But don't worry, if you missed anything or want more information you can chat with the Franzinelli's again via their Facebook page: Just search for 'Jetto's Patch'.

It's hard to say what the highlights of the day were as everyone seemed to come away with something valuable, whether it was names of new species they might grow, ideas for how to grow things, or information on how to eat the plants.

I know there'll be a whole group of people returning home with new plans for their gardens this weekend!

Our sincere thanks go to Dario and Michele for their hospitality and generosity, as always.

 The Arrival. Dario, centre stage.

 A friendly resident dragon.

 All sorts of plants grow here, temperate to tropical species.

 So many questions, so little time!


 Pest control

 Pooh Corner, right next to Parliament house. Makes sense really!

 The new passionfruit vine and blueberry patch.

 The Froggery

 Harvest for us to try. Clockwise from top: Lilly Pilly, Feijoa, Midgim berries.

 These got a bit of interest so a close-up was in order. Midgim berries. Yum!

The newly inspired HLPG!